General Terms and Conditions

Article 1. Applicability
1.1 The General Terms and Conditions shall apply to any products you find on THINCASES.
1.2 The General Terms and Conditions can be derogated from when agreed in writing by THINCASES.
1.3 If you place an order, you are deemed to have accepted the conditions of THINCASES.
1.4 THINCASES is not liable for any (interim) price changes. Any typing errors in the system do not guarantee delivery of the products.

Article 2. Formation (and termination) of the Agreement
2.1 An agreement with THINCASES will be concluded the moment an order confirmation has been sent by e-mail to the e-mail address specified by the Customer. It does not matter whether the order has been placed via the website or by telephone.

Article 3. Prices, products, offers
3.1 All prices on are in British pounds and including VAT and shipping costs (letter post).
3.2 Products (and special offers) are available (valid) while supplies last.
3.3 The products will remain the property of THINCASES until the receipt of the payment of the product.

Article 4. Payment
4.1 Orders placed with THINCASES can be paid by PayPal and Credit Card.
4.2 Shipping costs of letter post are for the account of THINCASES.

Article 5. Delivery and delivery time
5.1 Orders will be delivered as soon as possible.Orders before 3 p.m on working days will be shipped the same day.
5.2 As soon as the products to be delivered have been collected, the transport risk will pass to the Customer.

Article 6. Return
6.1 The product may be returned within 7 working days in the original packaging if the product has not been used and has not been damaged.
6.2 Before returning the product/products first report the return via e-mail to return stating your name, order number and the product/products you want to return. You may then return the product/products to:

Deurloostraat 26-3
1078JB Amsterdam

6.3 Once we have received your return shipment, we will refund the money to your account within 30 working days.
6.4 We will not take back any product if it is used or damaged.
6.5 The return shipment costs are for the account of the sender. PLEASE BE AWARE that it is not allowed to return products to us in an envelope with a stamp. We advise you to return products by registered post. Make sure you have a certificate of posting in case your return shipment does not arrive at our office.
6.6 Did you get a free gift with your order? Always enclose the free gift when you return an order. If we receive your order without the free gift or with a used or damaged gift, THINCASES has the right to deduct the retail price of the gift from the amount to be refunded for your original order.

Article 7. Warranty and liability
7.1 On goods delivered by us we offer the same warranty as granted by the suppliers. After awarding the warranty damage we, at our discretion, choose how the damage will be repaired. The options are: repair of the damage, replacement of the damaged part or replacement of the defective product.
7.2 In the event of repair of the damage, which afterwards cannot be based on the warranty, the costs will be fully charged to the Client.
7.3 THINCASES is not under any obligation to pay the Customer any damages (in any form whatsoever) unless there is an intentional act or omission or gross negligence on the part of the shop.
7.4 If THINCASES for any reason whatsoever must pay any damages, the amount thereof will not exceed the amount equal to the invoice amount relating to the product.
7.5 There is no warranty in the following cases:
– If the wear of the product is considered to be normal;
– If the original invoice no longer exists, has been altered or has been rendered illegible;
– If the defects are the result of not using the product in accordance with its designated use or of improper use;
– If the damage has been caused as a result of an intentional act or omission, gross negligence or overdue maintenance.

THINCASES pays the utmost attention to the reliability and timeliness of the information on this website. It will quote the sources, where applicable. Any comments relating to the above can be sent to
However, inaccuracies may occur. THINCASES and its affiliated companies, are not liable for any damage as a result of errors, problems caused by, or inherent to, the dissemination of information through the Internet as well as technical faults.

Without written permission from THINCASES it is not allowed in any way to distribute and/or use any information, news reports, images and/or reports provided through the services of THINCASES.